November 22, 2011

Show your Thankful

If you have readed this already PLEASE go to their blog and read the post from yesterday November 21st 2011  HERE

I need everyone to PLEASE HELP my friend Angel Scrapaholic Doss over on FaceBook who is putting together a scrappbook for Sweet drummer boy Tripp and hes family. Angel is only asking for handmade pictures, children's fingerpaint drawings, cards, etc for little Tripp Roth. We are in the month of giving Thanks for what we have and what better way to say your Thankful than by helping someone else. You can meet Tripp and he's mommy HERE. Make sure to click on the tab that  says Tripp's story. Email me for the shipping info please. disneynut 4 life 22 at yahoo dot com or contact Angel Scrapaholic Doss over on FaceBook:)

  Here is a special note from Kim Zapalac. Thank You so very much Kim! This means a lot:)

 "My name is Kim Zapalac and I am a Creative Memories Consultant. I am blessed to be part of a great scrapbooking/crafting group on Facebook. While surfing thru my FB page tonight, I ran across a special post on my wall. It was a song and picture of a little fella named “Tripp”. He seems to be the most amazing little boy and his Mom has to be one of the bravest woman in the world. Her faith is strong and her love is pure. Reading about Tripp’s medical condition and his Mother’s faith has changed my life. I would like to donate some items to help complete his scrapbook, including a 12x12 Creative Memories scrapbook and the pages. I will also include some special decorated pages. I am going to use some special artwork (My kids own designs and some of mine). I would also like to offer a 30% discount to anyone who wants to purchase scrapbooking supplies to make pages for Tripp’s Scrapbook. Send me a message and I will get you the items. My email address is Or you can contact me thru facebook. God bless Tripp and his family. I hope together we can create a scrapbook they will always cherish……if EVERYONE does a little, we can ALL do a lot. My family and I will be praying for Tripp and his family every day. Kim Zapalac "

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  1. As of December 5th, 13 pages have been completed by myself, friends and my children. I have boxed it all up and it is on the way. I also included a box of special ornaments and a 12x12 scrapbook with 2 sets of pages. I also sent tsome extra paper, stickers and cute stuff Angel may want to use in the scrapbook. I would be happy to complete more pages if needed. Just let me know what you would need. Our hopes & prayers continue to be with Courtney and her little prince Tripp Roth.